The Top 5 Tech Trends That Will Change The World in 2018

What will the cars of tomorrow look like?

If judging by the latest Honda that has just been marketed, cars will not only be safer but also more interactive. The Honda NeuV, presented at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, robotics, and big data to radically transform the mobility experience.
The car uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication with other similar cars that circulate nearby and informs them of an accident or even helps them to avoid future accidents. This new technology is known as “Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem” is innovative, intelligent, and it is hoped that it will be adopted by other car manufacturers.

These swarms of cars from a collective reflection are just one of the technological trends that have had the wind in their sails in 2017 and will continue to be perfect in 2018. People, devices, content, and services will be closely linked together through artificial intelligence. In addition, virtual and real worlds and connections between people, content, and businesses are some of the factors that will inform and mark future trends.
Here are some of the technology trends we can expect in 2018. They are subdivided into categories, which are:
• Clever
• Digital
• Mixed
1. Artificial Intelligence Foundation

According to a recent survey by Gartner, just over 40% of organizations have already made progress in driving and adopting AI solutions. If used properly, AI can make huge gains for businesses. It can be used to optimize decision-making, reinvent business models and ecosystems.

2. Smart apps and analytics

Every app of the future will include AI at one level or another. It will create a layer of people and systems and transform the nature of work and the workplace. We will see more robots and fully automated machines that rely heavily on computing to function effectively.

3. The Digital Twin

This involves having a digital representation of a real-world system or entity. It is currently used in asset management, operational efficiency, and provides insight into how products can be used and improved. The Internet of Things is what will accelerate this process and in the long run, digital representations of every aspect of our lives will be connected and equipped with AI capabilities.

4. Conversational platforms

Based on the user experience, the collected data will transfer the translation burden from the user’s intention to the computer. The system will tackle simple questions such as “what is the weather like? Or even more complex questions such as making a reservation at a hotel or restaurant in a given city. It is expected that these platforms will evolve to the point where oral testimony on the scene of a crime can be collected and a sketch of the faces of the suspects can be established on this basis! It would be really great!

5. Immersive experience

Just like most online casino games, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality has changed the way people interact with the digital world. In the future, the user will interact with the digital world and real world objects while maintaining a presence in the physical world. The development of headsets, smartphones, and software will contribute to this trend.

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