How technology can boost your mental health?

Cognitive well-being and technology may seem unfriendly but there’re plenty of excellent digital tools to open-up the dormant corners of the brain and for the best meditation. You’ve various smartphone applications, dedicated digital devices and virtual reality solutions at disposal that helps in relieving the stress and contributes to digital detoxification. These are designed to help you deal with all sorts of anxieties based on an individual’s particular capability.

Importance of optimum emotional health

“Just as physical hygiene is crucial for a healthy body; emotional hygiene is to a better mind and soul.”

Breaking the statement give various meanings associated to health; a physically active lifestyle is now an accepted trend worldwide and nevertheless it needs improvement, the WHO cited that almost 23% adults and 81% adolescents in high-school aren’t active as they should be per their age. The organisation further concluded that individuals between the age of 18 and 64 should contribute to intense physical workout for at-least 150 minutes per week for a healthy lifestyle. The 21st century generation however takes inspiration from the many fitness trackers and wearable.

Emotional hygiene, on the contrary nowadays is being thrown into darkness. The culture of digitalisation and packed lifestyle are among the biggest barriers of devoting time for mental health. Millions of communication channels are pouring information all the time while we’re connected to thousands of social networks, obsessed with the details against the fear of missing significant updates and other such. In conclusion, our lives have become turbulent which only costs mental peace and emotional composure.

Technologies that help

Whether heart disease, depression, obesity, asthma, gastrointestinal, diabetes or any other health disorder, stress only worsen them! And while the actual results of meditation aren’t effectively achieved by technology, it certainly contributes to some extent especially on-the-go. Let’s explore the digital options to de-stress your mind and contribute to overall improvement in health.

  • The PIP device

This tiny device can be connected with a smartphone app which relay data of a user’s stress levels. The app displays a winter image which a user can change to spring and summer by holding the device between index fingers and thumb as it measures conductivity of the skin for a few minutes. The scenes change quicker as long as the stress level is low. The device is useful for beginners who wish to touch the peaceful corners of their mind and experience meditation; the digital way.

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  • Muse headdress

It’s a brain sensing headband that can amplify your usual meditation by giving real-time biofeedback on whatever that goes in your mind. Remember that the Muse isn’t any headset or collection of doctor apps that disrupts and alters brain cells but the markers would further augment your training.

All you need is putting on the headset and complete the breathing workout session to the shifting sound of water waves, storm, chirping of the birds so on. The process would measure your focus and level of serenity. In case the mind is hyperactive, Muse would help clearing your thoughts with a series of feedbacks.

  • The Calm app

Calm was selected as “App of the Year, 2017” and it certainly makes sense. It’s one of the doctor apps that helps you learn how to meditate, have breathing sessions which comforts the mind and body, listen to those unforgettable bedtime stories and can display serene natural images to help you sleep. When meditation’s a concern, there isn’t any replacement to peaceful sceneries, gripping music that simply takes away all the stress, depression and sleep disorders.

  • Headspace app

This particular app is recommended by everyone’s favourite Emma Watson; Headspace is best for meditation and stress relieve even during a hectic day. It only takes 10-minutes to put your mind and soul at peace thus charging you to pursue common day activities without fuss. Call it an instant stress reliever!


Technology’s not all that bad, especially if you know how to use it for the best of everything.

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