Why It is Time to Stop Using Big Data And AI in Silos

The notion of artificial intelligence is decades old whereas big data is a rather new concept. Artificial intelligence, as we all know by now, refers to the simulation of human like cognitive powers in machines. Big data, on the other hand, encompasses the whole paraphernalia around collecting, storing, sorting and analyzing data.

Thanks to the cheap and effective data storage and analytical techniques that thousands of enterprises around the world are using the help of big data analytics to enhance their business regardless of their shape, size or trade. AI or artificial intelligence has also come to be a household name for most of us and businesses are quite keen on establishing AI powered systems in the company to make better use of human resources. Strangely enough, most business strategists have failed to recognize the possibilities of establishing big data and AI in complementary roles.

Big data plays a vital role in AI

It is practically impossible to run a rational machine without accessing a ton of data sets. Artificial intelligence is greatly dependent on machine learning and deep learning which in turn thrive on vast amounts of data. Take for example the highly trending voice recognition systems like Siri or Alexa. These voice recognizers have at their core deep neural networks. These neural networks are fed a huge amount of variegated data to form accuracy and cognitive power.

The voice recognizers are exposed to acoustic data that is short audio clips. Each sound triggers thousands of probabilities – likelihood of that sound matching with a word. Then the sounds are passed through a punctuation model that transforms the sounds into words. Then the words are passed through a language model that helps in sequencing and understanding the words. The whole venture is dependent on data. The developers of Alexa have recently discovered that by exposing the system to semi-supervised data they can decrease the error rate by at least 20%.

Voice recognition for business

58% teenagers and 40% adults are currently using voice recognizers for regular needs. Be it shopping online or playing a TV show the voice recognizers are doing it all. Accuracy is the key here and the companies are striving for betterment in this area. Studies show that websites that have an option to take vocal commands have a better chance to convert their leads.

Recognition of voice data can also be crucial from an SEO point of view. It can help customize the content in accordance to the consumers’ needs. Thus the audio can be great source of unstructured data which has to undergo big data processes to yield some positive results.

Extending the education

The interdependency of AI and big data stands true for each and every field where either is applied. While big data is vital for the functioning of AI, AI can help greatly in the process of big data analytics. Now, that you understand the interdependent nature of these two technological sects it you should aim at mastering both of them. You can start with the big data courses in Bangalore .

Then you can extend your education by learning advanced skills like machine learning and deep learning. It is your chance to become an asset to any enterprise.

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