Tech Predictions for 2018|Future Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Tech Predictions for 2018

In 2017 it will not be very different from its predecessors, however, we believe it is time to start looking a little more at the area of artificial intelligence to get more out of all these developments and that the contribution to the world of technology is of much more profit.

Example of artificial intelligence embedded in mobile applications

An example of artificial intelligence embedded in mobile applications could be personal assistants such as Google Now, Siri, Cortana, but they are not limited to that, they can also be security tools whether personal, for home or company, which Yes, whatever the approach, I think it should have advanced analytics that allows the application to be more autonomous, according to Gartner, it is

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Artificial Intelligence

expected that by 2017 most of the 200 largest companies will already exploit the niche of intelligent applications and make use of these tools to redefine your products and improve the user experience, some examples of how artificial intelligence is being incorporated into objects and everyday life are Tesla’s autonomous and/or electronic cars.

Not only artificial intelligence will be something that grows a little more, augmented reality will also because this year we saw the departure of Pokémon Go. It definitely gave a significant boost to this branch that many will begin to look at and incorporate soon into the mobile solutions offered by each provider; Microsoft, Apple and Google have not been left behind, an example is the smart glasses, the same niche where Google did not have much success in its last prototype or Microsoft with its HoloLens.

Another niche that definitely grew and will continue to grow for this next 2017 are the extensions of instant messaging, for example, talking with an avatar, or chatbots, a good example of an application that has been positioned very well is Slack, an application to share information within the work teams of companies, which has revolutionized the way in which work and project teams are carried out within organizations.

Finally and based on the above

We believe that they should change the architecture and the tools to design the solutions of the clients, for example, the web Apps of desktop and the internet of the things will have to be united to create the architecture of services back-end to build what users see as an app. That is to say, a multi-channel solution architecture that provides compatible solutions with multiple users in multiple devices and in multiple networks, and here we could highlight with respect to the security that multilayer developments and the use of user behaviour analysis should be converted. In Requirement for all the companies in the next years according to Gartner, because the sensitivity of the information that is handled every time is greater and of that, we must make ourselves more and more conscious.

Current technology trends for iOS Mobile Apps

The current trend followed by the mobile application has completely changed from what it used to be a few years ago. Mobile applications are increasingly resolved and focus mainly on the problem in real time found by users. IOS mobile apps are also developed keeping users’ concerns in mind. There was a time when applications that became available to fulfil common purposes were introduced. Now, attention has shifted from applications in development to entertainment with the development of an application for better use and focus on a targeted goal.

The iOS mobile application creator can be used to develop an application for the iOS platform, but the owner must come to ensure that the application they wish to develop should attract users to upload and download the program. Even the Apple store will have its application if they consider that the application is capable of being sold. Therefore, the applications that follow the technology attest and the trend are more likely to reach users and appear to them otherwise they would be lost like other millions of applications in the app store from which users never they will get to know.

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