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Early life and EducationA.P.J. Abdul Kalam is also known as Avul PAKIR Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. He was born on 15 October 1931 in a Tamil Muslim Family in Rameswaram. kalam was the youngest of four brothers and one sister in his family. His father jainulabdeen was an imam of a local mosque as well as a boat owner. APJ ABDUL KALAM mother was a housewife whose name is Ashiamma.

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Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM was born on 15 October 1931, at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, India. get all news including political news, current affairs and news is also known as Avul PAKIR Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. He was born on 15 October 1931 in a Tamil Muslim Family in Rameswaram. kalam was the youngest of four brothers and one sister in his family His father jainulabdeen was an imam of a local mosque as well as a boat owner. APJ ABDUL KALAM mother was a housewife whose name is Ashiamma.

Earlier from Kalam’s birth, his family had a great business and nice properties but this all lost due to business losses. When Kalam has taken birth His family was a poor family to enhance house income he used to throw newspapers.

In his school years, he was a hardworking student but have average grades but he had a strong desire to learn due to which he spent hours in his studies, mainly in mathematics. he completed his Education from Schwartz Higher Secondary School, from Ramanathapuram after this Kalam went to Madras studied from Saint Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli from where he graduated in physics in 1954.

In 1955 he studies Aerospace Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology. In the 2011 Hindi Film ‘I am Kalam’ is a movie which is based on APJ Abdul Kalam.


1981 Government of India Padma Bhushan
1990 Government of India Padma vibhusan
1994 Institute of directors Distinguished Fellow
1995 National academy of medical science Honorary fellow
1997 Government of India Bharat Ratna
1997 Indian national congress Indira Gandhi award for national integration
1998 Government of India Veer Savarkar award
2000 Always research center, Chennai Ramanujan award
2007 the University of Wolverhampton, UK Honorary doctorate of science
2007 Royal Society, UK King Charles medal
2007 Carnegie Mellon university Honorary doctorate of science of technology
2008 Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Doctor of Science(honoris causa)
2008 Nanyang technological university, Singapore doctor of engineering(honors cause)
2009 California Institute of Technology, USA International von Karman Wings awards
2009 ASME Foundation, USA Hoover medal
2009 Oakland university Honorary doctorate
2010 University of waterlog doctor of engineering
2011 IEEE IEEE honorary membership
2012 Simon Fraser university Doctor of laws
2013 National space society Von bravn award
2014 Edinburgh University, UK Doctor of Science

Journey of APJ Abdul Kalam to Become Missile Man

Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM career started from Indian Army at DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) for designing a small Helicopter.

In 1969 he worked with Aerospace Engineering. On the project of India’s first Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III) at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). This Vehicle Launched the Rohini Satellite in 1980.

In 1970 to 1980 he worked for two launching vehicle (PSLV) and satellite launching vehicle (SLV-3) project in both he to got succeed. Now those invention come due to which APJ ABDUL KALAM also known as missile man of India. the two secret missile program were generated which in project devil and project valiant both the project are based on liquid-fueled missile project developed by India from the permission of our honorable prime minister indira Gandhi.


  • my journey: transforming dreams into action.

Development in fluid machines and space technology, by DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM and roddam narasimha.

  • Wings of fire: an autobiography by DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM and ARUN TIWARI.

Mission India, by DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM .target 3 billon, by DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM and SRIJAN PAL SINGH.

  • India 2020: a vision for the new millennium by DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM.

Biographies are written on APJ ABDUL KALAM

  • President APJ ABDUL KALAM written by R.K. pruthi.
  • my days with mahatmaAPJ ABDUL KALAM, written by FR. A.K. GEORGE.
  • APJ ABDUl kALAM the visionary of india G.K.KATYAL
  • External quest: life and times of DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM written by S. Chandra.


I am the Indian Ocean

Surge of my waves and their mystical themes

Embracing Bombay and Dar-es in hold

We all belong to the cradle of earth

Same human civilization pervades us all

Generations of life in these lands were like waves

Rising and falling and melting in time baobabs and

Banyans stood witness to these cycles

Bondage of slavery and foreigners yoke

Are gone with the past and power now to people

Gandhiji and Nyerere’s nobility and soul strength

Got thy the freedom, and now you have a mission

Enlightened youths, now you have to sweat

For making thy people prosperous and happy

For ye are the greatest hope, for this part of globe

Our mission is water

My mother called me the Blue Nile

I am also named by mother White Nile

When we grew and grew we asked

Oh mother, oh mother

Tell us, why you named us the Nile

Our mothers said lovingly

Oh our children

You travel and travel

Cross mountains, forests, and valleys

Thousands of miles, enriching nine countries

You reach Khartoum

You Blue and White Niles confluence with a mission

God has commanded you to give a message

You give a beautiful message

When we rivers confluence

Oh humanity why not your hearts confluence

And you blossom with happiness.

Earth shining in Glory

Our Milky Way is shining,

with millions and millions of stars.

Our beloved star Sun,

along with eight other planets around.

Orbits the Milky Way,

finishes one orbit in two hundred and fifty million years.

Somewhere in the galaxy,

Echoed a voice in surprise.

“See there the Earth shining in glory

How come it got its light?”

A sweet and soft reply comes:

“It is not the mere light,

It is the light of knowledge,

It is the light of service,

It is the light of peace.

Specially radiating from Prasanthi Nilayalam

When Earth completes its eightieth orbit

Carrying a great soul in its bosom”

My Garden Smiles

My garden smiles

Welcoming the spring,

Roses, beautiful roses,

With fragrance and beauty,

Ringing tunes of the honey bees

Lovely scene, everywhere

My garden smiles.

The enchanting scene entered into me

Blossomed happiness in my body and

Variety of roses,

One lovely family of roses,

Presiding the dynamic scene,

With pleasant fragrant breeze,

My garden smiles.

All the roses fully blossomed towards the sky

It was a miracle to see.

A pleasant beautiful voice

Echoed from rose family,

O’ my friend, look at the sky,

I saw the miracle of

The shining moon in formation

And the powerful Venus very close

To each other belong to our galaxy.

The scene was indeed rare celebration,

Of heavenly bodies and roses of earth,

I looked above and roses of my garden,

I looked above and saw the Milky way,

I looked around the garden,

Roses, roses and roses.

This unique festival of lights and beauty

Why, why, why, this unique scene.

This graceful event

In my garden first time,

My garden smiles.

Then the sweet music

Engulfed the scene all around

Emanating from garden

“It was the celebration of

flowers and heavenly bodies,

in honour of visit of poetic soul,

of our galaxy milky way,

Yu Hsi a universal friend,

Of creative mind.”

Crossed many seas, to be with us

Welcome my friend from shining heavenly bodies,

Beautiful roses and divine music

My garden smiles.





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