Indian space research organization (ISRO) is a distance agency of government of India. Headquarter is situated in Bangalure. its vision to take benefit of space technology for national growth whilst pursuing distance science research and planetary mining to launch.

In 1969 ISRO replace erstwhile Indian national committee for Space study (INCOSPAR) based in 1962 by the struggle of independent India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru together with his former aide and laboratory VIKARAM SARABHAI. ISRO’S organization institutionalized distance activities. It commanded by the Department of distance, it’s accountant for the prime minister of the republic of India.

First satellite of India, ARYABHATA that had been established by the Soviet Union on 19 was assembled by the ISRO. it had been called following the mathematician ARYABHATYA. Back in 1980 ROHINI become first satellite to be put into orbit with an Indian made launching vechicles, SLV-3 ISRO then founded two additional extra rockets.

The polar satellite launch vehicles (PSLV) for launch satellite to polar pills and also the geosynchronous orbits. All these rockets have established ground observation satellites and communications giants/ vast. Satellite navigation system like a GAGAN and IRNSS are set up 14. The indigenous engine was used by ISRO back in January 2014.

The range become more functional after ROHINI 125 sounding rockets were found in 9 to 10 OCT 1971, previously India utilized Thumba equatorial Rocket launching station (TERLS), now in THIRUAATHAPURAM, arou

nd the South western shore of India to start sounding rockets. It become partially successful after an error at the guidance procedure although the very first test launch of the SLV-3 rocket that was comprehensive happened in August 1979 to make worked easy throughout launching and the SLV-3 prep around 18 July 1980 the established the third satellite of India out from these 4 SCV starts from SHAR just two were powerful.

Even the ASLV orbital launcher was incorporated right you start with engine and sub-assembly training at automobile integration construction (VIB) and also performed on the mat over the40 meter tall mobile service construction. The ASLV launching from SHAR caused a collapse and took place. Out the four starts from1987-94 just one has been powerful. The PSLV launch complex has been commissioned throughout 1990. It’s a 3000 TONNE 7615 m top mobile service tower (MST) that offers that the SP-3 payload wash room. The solid propellant engines to that PSLV are now processed by SHAR which carries launching surgeries out. The launch of the PSLV happened on 20 the layout & development tasks of satellite launching vehicles & sounding rockets are taken outside and left ready for launching surgeries.

ISAC in Bangalore is working on developing of satellites technology and execution of satellite system. S


uch as technology scientific and application assignments.

ISRO propulsion sophisticated (IPRC) mahendragir comes with advance centers essential for mentioni


ng the leading edge technology service and product for ISRO space research application.

SAC is responsible for the invention realization and eligibility of communication and eligibility of communication, navigation, ground and planetary monitoring associated data processing and earth systems.

The center liable for remote sensing satellite data processing and acquisition data, dissemination, aerial remote sensing and decision help towards, disaster direction.


ISTRAC is the liable for to make possible space operation service which have space craft control, TTC service and other associated endeavors and service, such as the launching vehicles and very law earth orbiting spacecraft and deep space assignments of ISRO along with different space agencies across the world.

MCF in Hassan in Karnataka and also Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh controls and monitors all the GEO stati


onary tanks of ISRO…

IISU has become the middle of perfection within field of system such as spacecraft and arching vehicles IISU carries out in ant development and research in the region of inertial sensors and system along with perceptible satellite elements.

DECU is included from the formality definition preparation execution and profession research evaluation of all satellite based society software.

Five RRSCS based under national natinal resource management system (NNRMS) DOS in bangolore, JODHPEER, KHARANGURPUR. (Lately relocated to Kolkata) DEHRADUN, Nagpur are incorporated together with NRS.


ANTRIX Corporation limited has been incorporated as a private limited company owned by government of India in September 1992 as a promotion arm of Indian space research organization (ISRO).

Targets and Goals

ISRO’s goals will be always to create space technology and its application to tasks has been pushed by the vision of VIKARM SARABHAI, believed the father of the Indian space programme. as he started in 1969. These are those people who question the significance of distance activities in a growing state. There is not any ambiguity of purpose .we usually do not need the dream of contending with the planets or the nation in the quest of the moon or but we have been of the operation that when we want to busy in a meaningful role and also and into the actual issues of society and man we have to be next to none from the use of advanced technology at the neighborhood of states.

The prior Indian president APJ ABDUL KALAM stated. Lots of people with myopic vision questioned the important once of the distance activities within a newly independence state. That had been finding it has to feed its own population. When Indians were to engage in role in the area of states their vision was proof they has to be next to none from the use of advanced technology.

In 2008 India proceeded auto eventually become the first state to launch 10 satellites and started us much as satellite including nine nations. ISRO has successfully put into surgery two big satellites system. Back in July 2012, the prior ABDUL KALAM explained that research has been done by ISRO and DRDO for growing cost reduction technology for usage of distance.

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