The Most Rigorous Review Violation in the History of Amazon

This could be the most difficult year for Amazon sellers. From this May, Amazon has been continuously deleting reviews, and even limiting comments. This action has not been reduced until now, and even some local sellers could not get spare.

During the period, Amazon put pressure on both sellers and buyers by issuing different policies as the reactions to the click farming in the platform. Now the latest news said that Amazon again commented on their new policy in this October: The promotion of new products in the peak season is much more difficult.

1.Algorithm for reviews updated

Amazon updated the review comprehensive score algorithm, no longer using the simple number of * star total divided by the total number of reviews * 5 stars average statistical method, many sellers found that the number of comments increased but the rating score decreased, the main factors such as:

  • Review has the verified purchase identifier, the direct evaluation is no longer weighted long ago, and now it is basically 0;


  • Review comment time is far from the current time, so the non-persistent intermittent click farming will have less help with listing authority.


  • The number of interesting and humorous reviews in the latest 10 reviews, which fully reflects the quality requirements of Review.


  • Review’s number of comments, the purpose is also to control the quality of comments;


  • Review is very helpful for the vote of the buyer. Note that the trap here is the quality of the voting buyer’s account: how long the buyer’s account time, the frequency of shopping, the distribution pattern of the region, the distribution pattern of payment methods, shopping habits, etc


  • Review buyer account quality, the above description, detailed IP.


  • Review original star rating;


  • Review the number of clicks, here is the judgment of a number of factors, such as whether the buyer’s purchase behavior is justified, that is, whether it is normal shopping habits;


  • The number of clicks on the details page;


  • The number of times the buyer left the details page;


  • The buyer returns to the details page again, which is very professional and praises the algorithm team.

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All of the above factors will affect the rating of Review, and not only the scores and the number of reviews.

2.Launched for the violation review penalty policy

Amazon admits that comments are good for seller listing, but zero tolerance for comment violations.

If the seller violates the platform’s review policy and is found, it will face one or all of the following penalties:

  • Immediately and permanently revoke the seller’s Amazon sales privilege and withhold funds.


  • Immediately delete the comments of all products in the store and limit comments.


  • The product is permanently removed from the Amazon platform.


  • Amazon will conduct legal proceedings against the seller, including litigation and referral to civil and criminal law enforcement agencies.


  • Publicly disclose the name of the seller and its related information.


3.Splits the variations and changes the review game play

(1)merging listing and increasing reviews failure

Last year was the peak of merging variation listing and increasing the number of reviews. However, it doesn’t work anymore in this year. Amazon has banned illegal mergers, and even some listing mergers were untied soon.

Amazon platform listing merging requirements:

The variations of parent and subcatalog must be in the same category, the same brand, the same basic information, only products with different factors.

Therefore, the product that is unqualified will be demolished and even reduced by listing after being detected by Amazon.


(2) Unresolved review cannot be removed

The seller has been using the demolition of the subcatalog, removing the bad evaluation method was recently reported to be blocked!

Previously, the seller would split the sku of the main sku listing, which was mostly badly rated, and the bad reviews would be removed from the main listing, and the score would rise.

However, recently, the seller found that the removal of the variant sku does not reduce the bad reviews, but will cause the sku information to no longer be displayed in the review.


It can be seen that Amazon’s recent review on the algorithm is also secretly modified. The life-saving straw for the removal of bad reviews is now also down. This year’s peak season is for the sellers to fight for products itself. This series of reforms is even worse for the promotion of new products. Since there is no soul for the listing without buyers’ comments, so the seller cannot carry out subsequent promotion.

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