Handbags are one accessory that no woman can say no to. Above that, we all need the right one for ourselves. Just any handbag doesn’t do justice to any woman. Considering the amount of stuff, we carry daily, it is our right to have the perfect handbag that looks good and is useful as well.

We spend almost a fortune on bags in our life and end up with a wardrobe full of them which we might not even use every day. The key here is being smart about your shopping. You might see that the best looking bags don’t have enough space and you might land yourself in a confused situation.

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When you go for handbag shopping, the endless variety of colours and designs might confuse you. This is where we come in. For buying the right handbag, know yourself and what will suit your body type. A simple bag can change the look of your whole outfit and make it go from average to perfect. So, there are lots of offers present during macy’s black Friday sale 2018 on handbags.

Just like you do with your clothes, turning all around and checking them from all sides to see if they look good all over, same has to be done with the bags. It should enhance your outfit and not repress. A huge handbag with a sparkly outfit will definitely take the attention away.


If you are a tall and skinny girl, then a slouchy handbag is what you need. The big ones that don’t have a definite shape should be the ones you go for. Shoulder bags are a no go for you as they will make you look even taller. Considering you are already pretty tall, you don’t to look even taller just because of a bag. Big handbags will take a little attention away from the height and give you a balanced look.


As for small height women, big bags are a big no. Given that you have a short frame, all of it will be overshadowed by the huge bag you will be carrying. The slouchy ones especially are a no go here. If you have extra things to carry, get a medium sized bag that stays in shape. The smaller the bag you carry, the better it will look with your outfit. Clutches are a good option here. Also, shoulder bags that are huge and have these long straps or flare should be off your list too. They will make you look like you are slouching down and add extra weight to the body in a way.


For our plus size ladies, a small bag is off the list. A bag that has a boxy shape and is big in size is what you need. It will cover you up in a way that you don’t look big. As for a small bag, it will look smaller in comparison to your body shape and make your outfit look better than it can with a bigger bag. Prints are also something you need to stay away from, especially smaller ones. Bigger prints might work but plain colours will enhance you and your outfit in a way you will be surprised.


There are many other body types under these categories. Every woman has a different body type and you can’t really put a pin on all of them. Some have a triangle body types, some have smaller waist and wider shoulders or vice versa.

In situations like this, girls with wider shoulders and smaller waist and hips should go for small handbags. Crossbody bags, shoulder bags etc. which attract attention towards your waist are what you need. Least attention should go to your shoulders, smaller and thinner straps will be good for this reason.

If you are in an opposite situation, with a rear wider than the shoulders, short length straps are good option to consider. Bags that land around you hips or waist region will enhance your body in a better way as they will be a good cover up to take some attention off your hips. ‘


Another situation that most women experience is that their shoulders, hips and waist are all of the same size. Curvy handbags that end around the hips and add a little oomph to your body structure are the way to go. Satchels are the best option here.


There is one body type that every woman desires is the hourglass shape. This is a body type that can flaunt any handbag really well. From clutches to shoulder bags, anything you want will work the way you want and flatter your outfit in an astounding way. Be careful with the colours though as some might accentuate your skin in a better way than other colours.


There are some handbags that look good with all body types. Clutches, evening bags etc. suit literally any body type. Small bags that are just the right ones to carry all the necessary stuff for parties etc. are like the go to bags. These bags come in a lot of variety and especially the designer ones are really something to have.


When you know the kind of bag you need, you should also know the right ones to spend your money on. We buy endless bags that just stay in our closet and don’t get used much. Even though they cost us a fortune but we still keep on buying them keeping your outfits in mind. Next time you go shopping, buy bags that have neutral colours and can be used in your daily routine. You can spend a good amount on these and get a designer one because they are good in quality and will last you for a longer time.

Guilty pleasures are definitely allowed if you have your eye set on an expensive one and like really want it, but spending so much one bag that gets used once in a blue moon doesn’t make sense. Rather, buy cheaper ones so that you don’t end up looking at your wardrobe and thinking you have too much stuff you don’t even use.

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