With the New Year around the corner, we all have a list of resolutions made up. New Year, new me. Obviously, we need a makeover, inside and out, for the New Year. But what about our homes? Don’t they need restyling for the New Year? Of course, they do! So, to help you through the process of crafting a glam-up for your home, here are five cheats that’ll make your home look all styled-up and will help you save a few bucks.


A variety of layered light sources can add depth to the room. Cost-effective lamps and lights are all that could be found at home décor store these days. A pendant can be hung in the place of a traditional table lamp to create an illusion of depth. Candles can be placed in pretty, reflective hurricane containers and used as light sources. Another economical trick that won’t require any labor is placing plug-in sconces. Placing these next to furniture arrangements can be an affordable way to update a space without bearing the cost of rewiring a wall. Adding dimmer switches is another way to make a room feel expensive and classy. This lets you adjust the lighting so the space feels warm and cozy.Swap those standard frosted ceiling domes for a more creative covering, or just forgo them altogether in exchange for an eclectic combo of standing floor and table lamps , which have the added benefit of casting more flattering light than their overhead cousins do.

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One of the easiest and best ways to dress up a room is with great throw pillows and draperies. Invest in some throw pillows and cushions for your home. A bright pillow or two can give a needed pop of color to an otherwise bland bedroom or living room. With their bold shapes, big, square, European-style throws are an easy way to add visual variety. By choosing neutral primary cushion covers and pairing them with more vibrant, patterned pillow covers, the look is one that’s rich, textured and full of depth, resulting in a glamorous design. A good window treatment can add instant lure factor to a room. But there’s one principal rule: Never, ever buy draperies that are too short. Make sure the curtains hit the floor. Draperies, when hung properly, can make a room look larger and the ceiling higher.


Often the difference between a glamorous home and one that feels mundane is a lack of depth. Layering pieces that are distinctive in shape and texture can transform a home from one that feels “undone” to one that feels as if it could be on the pages of a design magazine. One of the chicest ways to introduce not only glamour but also the all-important sense of depth to a room is by pairing a coffee table with chic ottomans. Coupling rich upholstery and different shapes are visually compelling in a way that using a single coffee table may not be. The concept of mixing and matching furniture prevents a room from looking like a furniture showroom floor. Look up for Furniture Offers to furniture to get amazing discounts and other benefits on the purchase of furniture. It lends to personalization and glamour within the design that glams up a house.


Rugs give both small- and big-space dwellers the chance to change the feel of an entire room with the addition of one thing. There are endless options when it comes to style, size, shape, and texture. Using an area rug is a cost-effective way to make a room appear as if the flooring has been changed or to add a new sense of style to old, outdated flooring. Considering to do a revamp versus a total overhaul? One of the first places, to begin with, is rugs. Area rugs have so many paybacks and they frequently become the room’s focal point. Rugs can change with the seasons or whenever you feel like you’d want to add a little something new. You can even use rugs to conceal flooring imperfections if replacement isn’t in your budget. They’re functional and they protect flooring underneath and most rugs can be cleaned relatively easily. Rugs add color, pattern, and texture to a room while simultaneously warming it up.


Not only does a unique mirror add aesthetic variety, but it also provides an illusion of more space. Some floor-to-ceiling, framed mirrors can look very chic propped into a corner of a bedroom or living room. When placed in the right spot, a mirror reflects the surroundings and tricks the viewer’s eye into seeing more space than what is there. If you want to instantly open up space and make it feel larger, adding a mirror is advantageous. Mirrors also reflect natural and artificial light, which can make a home feel more open and airier. As well as the logistical functionality of mirrors, they’re also an inexpensive way to make a statement. In rooms with fewer windows, a mirror can be effectively used to bring brightness and light into the room. A variety of decorative mirrors ranging from rustic, framed mirrors to contemporary, minimalistic ones can be commendably utilized to add depth to a room.

Try out these five tips to revamp and glam-up your home in a chicer way to give your home a classy edge this New Year.

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