Little Passports – Subscription Box Teaches Kids About The World

We do so much to make sure our kids get the best education, make sure to enhance their minds in the best way we can. We believe the best way we can choose to make sure that our children actually learn something and grow up to be intelligent and broad-minded is through fun. Kids love fun and games, so why not teach them through these games? Remember how we always used to teach kids alphabets with the help of the ABCD song? It’s more or less the same with little passports.


Little passports was founded in 2009 and the founders were these two mothers with the desire of Global citizenship. Little Passports has been helping kids and has shipping around millions of educational packages to enhance kids and their minds!

As kids grow, they need to explore their surrounding in order to learn about the world. Little passports bring the world to your doorsteps for your children to discover, learn, explore and grow! in affiliation with Little Passports provides with various guidelines and acknowledge you with their upcoming deals and offers.

Little passports send monthly mails including stuff that makes your child think that are exploring and traveling the world. Those mails may include little passports, maps, cultural books from all around the world, distinct food recipes of different countries and a lot more. We teach your child about diverse cultures and other information about different countries to enhance their general knowledge.

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How to be a part of Little Passports?

You can easily be a part of Little Passports and avail a chance to teach your children in a way that is filled with fun and adventure. There are three easy steps.

  • CHOOSE A SUBSCRIPTION:- Little Passports offer various subscription payment plans for children between the ranges of age 3-13. So choose your favorite package and subscribe to us.
  • WAIT FOR OUR MAIL:- Little Passports will send you and your kid mail every month which would contain many fun stuff, games, passports, puzzles and a lot more so your child can learn and have fun at the same time.
  • DETERMINE AND LEARN:- Let your kid start exploring and travel the world with the maps and games we offered them. Enrich them with knowledge and fun.


Parents might be wondering how Little Passports is going to provide educational assistance and help your kid to evolve. To give you guys a general idea of what Little Passports provides in the monthly packages, have a look.


The things you need to get started with are:

  • A fun orange colored suitcase.
  • A huge world map.
  • Activity booklet of 20 pages.
  • Luggage tag.
  • Pictures and stickers.


Something new is going to be discovered every month including:

  • Trading cards.
  • Pictures and letters.
  • Activity booklets.
  • Fun knick-knacks.
  • Luggage tags and Stickers.


There are various activities that Little Passports create to make sure your child enhances and learns their best. We came up with activities which can be categorized under the following headings.

  • ART AND CRAFT:- Little passports make sure every kid is creative and not boring! We assign them tasks that are fun and crazily creative to make sure their creative side is enhanced and not buried inside of them. True talent is much appreciated in this world. These art and craft activities may include, creative drawings, paintings, puzzles solving, crosswords and a lot more.
  • SCIENCE AND EXPERIMENTS:- Along with art and fun, science is also one of the most important topic that should be studied by the children. Little Passports make sure child apprehend science in the best possible way. We assign them with experiments which could increase their learning and enhance their ability to explore and discover more. For instance, assign them a task to grow a plant. It is simple, easy and it consist of science which is HOW IT GROWS, what essentials are needed to help it grow like water, sunlight, soil and tasks like that.
  • TRAVEL IDEAS:- Who doesn’t like travelling? Travelling and exploring the world enhances the human brain to the extent. It helps one to understand about other countries, their culture, their way of living, their food, their dressing and a lot more. It makes you a considerate human being aware of the people who are unlike you. We give kids travel ideas, world maps, travel guides, books about other countries, their famous places, their cultural food and other things that makes your kid imagine them traveling the entire world through those little books. It’s nice to explore the world, it broadens your mind.
  • RECIPES:- It is important to know about countries and cultures apart from your own. We provide easy and simple recipes to kids so they can try at home and explore more about the food in other countries and culture in order to open up their minds and hearts towards other cultures.
  • WORLD HOLIDAYS :- We need to make sure children are aware of all the special days that are in the world, no matter if they aren’t their own. They need to open up their mind towards other occasions and world holidays. We provide them guides with all the world holidays so they can learn and open their minds up to that.

Little Passports have helped many kids worldwide and they still are in business. We make sure your kid never loses a chance to grow and enhance in the best possible way. Subscribe now to half worth. com and stay updated with new deals and offers by Little Passports.

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