Farmer In India

Farmers in india

Farmers in India:These farmers are like seeds that root themselves to give fruits and flowers to others.There are only some rich people who have all the land. They belong to the richest class economy. They never work on their land. They survive on the sweat and blood of others people. They get from the poor cultivators so much to lead a better lifestyle. In fact, they seem to be a part to a different race of men altogether. Those people are not real farmers.

What a society we live in!

farmers in india

Our real farmers in India are agriculture soldiers. They are recognised by their different look. It is a look of hopelessness. They look like lifeless than alive. There is rarely a line of a smile on their faces or a ray of expectation in their hearts. They are hungry and almost naked. They do not know why they are born.

These poor people are expectation less ignorant. They work in the present but live in the past. They believe in all possible types of old rituals. They believe in ghosts and spirits and in thousands of gods. They are visionless believers. It is luck that has made them so poor, they think. Some bad star plays tricks besides them, they believe. This trust in fate cannot be shaken. They only aspect up to heaven for relief. They try hard to please all the gods. All this is because to ignorance. So, our farmers are just like a herd of cattle rather than thinking human beings.

Reactions to ranchers’ suicides

The legislature delegated various request to investigate the reasons for agriculturists suicide and ranch related misery when all is said in done. Krishak Ayog (National Farmer Commission) went to all suicide inclined cultivating districts of India, at that point in 2006 distributed three reports with its recommendations.Subsequently previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh went to Vidarbha in 2006 and guaranteed a bundle of ₹110 billion (about $2.4 billion). The groups of ranchers who had conferred suicide were likewise offered an ex gratia give of ₹100,000 (US$1,600) by the legislature, however this sum was changed a few times.


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