Top 9 Productivity Tips to Stay Focused Whole Day- stress free

Hey, welcome to another blog post. Today we’re going to talk about something special and it’s about motivation and productivity. In this post, I will show you top 9 productivity tips that will help you to stay focused all day long.

Productivity is a really important issue, while we want to stay focused.

So let’s check the tips.

1 Silent Your Mobile Phone

Keep your mobile in silent mode, while you’re working. Actually, that method works great for me. If you work with full attention and focus if someone calls you that time it breaks the productivity.

After that most of the people can’t start again with the same enthusiasm.

So, you just need to be aware of this. Keep your mobile silent while you’re working.

2 Keep your Desk Clean

The clean environment helps to increase productivity and motivation level high. When we keep everything neat and clean it help us to focus on our work. And this method is proven.

3 Go for a Walk

Suppose you’re working for two hours and you’re feeling exhausted, in that time you need to go for a very small walk.

You can grab a coffee or tea and take a walk around.

That’s a great way to bring your working passion back.

4 Listen to Relaxing Music

Relaxing music reduces stress and provides lots of freshness. I love to hear those kinds of music. It really works for me.

You can find that kind of music on YouTube, just go and search ‘relaxing music’.

Sometimes, medication music also works great.

5 Don’t Use Social Media too much

Social media especially Facebook is one of the most important reasons for the destruction of focus. Most of the people lose their patience and attentive mentality because of too much social media addiction.

So, if you’re one of the then please try to reduce using social media.

6 Don’t Check Mail or Other Inbox Often

Suppose you’re working and thinking that someone has just sent a mail or a message. That will ruin your work.

So, make a little routine.

Don’t open your mail or social media without working two hours.

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Stay Focused

7 Write What to Do

Write a small to do list before sleeping that what you’re going to do next day? And when you wake up to check the list and add some more tasks.

Follow the task properly.

You can do some extra small tasks but never remove or reduce any task.

8 Reward Yourself and Celebrate

If you get some small win, then reward yourself. That’s an awesome thing to do. I always give gift myself and get a lot of pleasure.

Try to celebrate every kind of win that could be small or big doesn’t matter.

9 Eat the Frog

Eating frog is awesome for increase focus and productivity. Personally, I don’t eat a frog, but I know lots of guys and girls who are eating and getting an awesome result.

Lots of experts also provided their support for frog eating.


I hope if you can follow that tips that will make you more productive and help to work harder.

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