How to Dress Your Age after 40? |Beauty Tips for Women

As much as time goes by, all women have to learn to take advantage when we reach a certain age. The women who are in the quarantine may find that they are still between a “young” look and a somewhat “older” look and that at 40 many people think that they are getting older and, therefore, we have We give up on taking out our sexiest and most feminine side. But this is not so. It is important to know how to take advantage in all periods of life and, therefore, in this article, we will discover how to dress at age 40 giving you advice and Beauty Tips ideas so that you feel just as beautiful as always.

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General Beauty Tips for dressing at age 40

Although at this age you have a little more freedom and you can wear different styles between 30 and 50 according to your tastes, yes there are a series of guidelines that you must follow so that you can see that you are adapted to your age. Pay attention to these tips so you know what they are:

  • Do not wear very short clothes, it is for younger girls, but if your legs are perfect in their totality you can take it, although without many excesses. In theory, the miniskirts and shorts are not doing much at this age and you stick more straight or entubadas skirts that reach a little above the knee can be very sexy and feminine and you do not need to teach as much.
  • Be careful with tank tops, especially if you do not exercise, in which you should avoid them. Put them on only if your arms have shape and fiber because when our skin begins to the age where it is previously noticeable it is in the forearm, where it begins to “drop” the skin.
  • As for footwear, be careful with heels and platforms too high or flashy, are too young and unless it is for something fully justified is better to look for another type of shoe that goes with you.

Finally, always try to bring some complement, bracelets, necklaces, hats, scarves … but do not wear too many because you could see too young.

Tricks to know how to apply makeup at 40 years

In addition to knowing how to dress at 40 years of age, it is also important that we know how to use makeup correctly to look younger but without looking ridiculous. As a general rule, you should avoid overly exaggerated makeup as well as very pronounced eye lines because they will not favor you at all; The most appropriate thing is that you opt for a type of makeup that is as natural as possible, that conceals imperfections and highlights

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Makeup Beauty Tips for Winter Wedding Season

In general terms, in order to be able to put on makeup at 40, you will have to use the following beauty products:

  • Moisturizing cream: it is important that you apply it before makeup your skin because, thus, you will be moisturizing and taking care of your skin to the fullest.
  • Cream foundation: powders are not a good option for your age, creams are the best because they will help you better cover wrinkles or skin blemishes
  • Corrector with light texture: many women make mistakes when they put on makeup because they use too much concealer; you have to use only the right amount and necessary to cover imperfections naturally
  • Blusher: it is essential that you use rouge to enhance your cheekbones and, thus, get to emphasize your features with a very attractive result

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