Top 7 best passports in the world – Top 7 countries

Often travelers are burdened by red tapes and protocols making life difficult for them. Travelling with a restricted passport can be a nightmare, as they are not easily allowed to visit the destinations of their choice and have to further withhold a long and painful procedure to attain visa. Some countries provide greater mobility to its citizens for crossing international frontiers. A list is being created since the year 2006 by a London based consulting firm Henley and Partners. It categorically divides each country, providing them with power rankings on the basis of their passports and the number of countries that can be visited visa free.

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Here we have compiled a list of top 7 countries. You will be amazed with the names that will spring up, get ready to be surprised!

Global Passport Power Rank

  1. Passport power rank- 1
  • Germany- shocking! But true. German nationals boast of the best passports in the world, which provides them with visa free access to 158 countries.
  • Sweden- Sweden comes joint first with a similar visa free score of 158. It has been holding the runner up position for the second straight year.

Germany and Sweden is thus the ranked one, which may be surprising to many. However, the nationals can get many liberties for this.


  1. Passport Power Rank-2
  • Finland-with a visa free score of 157
  • France-visa free score 157
  • Switzerland- visa free score 157
  • Spain-visa free score 157
  • United kingdom-visa free score 157

These five countries are just behind and can entered in 157 place. This is indeed one of the reason why people prefer UK and Switzerland for migration and travel apart from other obvious reasons..The above countries are tied in second place making northern and western European countries more powerful in providing its citizens with more access.


  1. Passport Power rank- 3
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • South Korea
  • Norway

With a visa free of score of 156 these countries became joint 3rd in the rankings. South Korea notably is the highest ranked Asian country in the world earns their place into this list. You can find more blogs like this on shoppingthoughts online knowledge sharing portal.


  1. Passport Power rank-4
  • Singapore
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria
  • Portugal
  • United States Of America

The mighty USA holds joint 4thposition in the list with above mentioned countries. Singapore is the 2nd Asian country to enter the list. The visa free score is 155. Singapore as expected had done fairly well. They have earned fame and reputation with their development.


  1. Passport Power rank-5
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Japan

Visa free score of 154 Japan enters as the 3rd Asian country along with Ireland and Greece to hold the number 5 spot in the list being dominated by Europe. With the authority Japanese Visa one can enter to the best places to visit in Kyoto , Japan. Japan is regarded one of the best country to live and with its strict rules, their passport should have been ranked better.


  1. Passport Power rank-6
  • Canada
  • New Zealand

Another surprise as New Zealand becomes the first country from Oceania to join Canada in joint 6th position. The citizens of both countries are allowed to visit 153 countries visa free.


  1. Passport Power rank-7
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary

We close the list with two more European countries at joint 7th position with a visa free score of 152.

As we can see the list is dominated by European nations with some Asian Countries Along with USA, Canada and New Zealand for company. Notable absentees include the continents of Africa, South America and even the Russian Federation, considered as one of the superpowers of the world along with China.

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