Braces or dental implant? Which one should be done first?

There is a group of patients who require different types of dental treatment in order to enjoy a new and healthy smile. These patients have their teeth in a relatively good shape but need to straighten them. There appears a problem what to first and what is the better dental implants or orthodontic treatment? The solution is never the same, as it varies depending on the patient. In such cases, it is of uttermost importance to consult both an implantologist and orthodontist. They will propose the individual course of treatment which will provide each patient with the expected results. Below, you can read a grasp of important information that might be useful before you consult the dentist.

Every patient is given an individual treatment plan

Dental Travel Poland makes it possible to have both cheap dental implants and braces abroad. You can have both your implantologist and orthodontist in Poland in the same dental office. It is important that your doctors cooperate with one another closely with regard to your treatment plan and visits dates. What is more, your dentists in Poland will be highly-experienced professionals whom you could trust. The good relationship with your dentist is vital because you will see each other many times within months or even years. Combining implantation with braces abroad will provide you with excellent results! Also, you have the possibility to choose your implantologist and orthodontist. Dental Travel Poland works with multiple dental offices and a variety of specialists, so if you feel you need to consult a few dentists before choosing the clinic and specialist, you can do it by all means!

Advantages of having braces before implantation in Poland

Most patients are advised first to have an orthodontic treatment and secondly to have implantation performed. In such cases, the teeth position and bite are corrected before dental implants are installed. The important thing is that the braces treatment needs to be completed in order to proceed with implantation. Implants are impossible to be re-positioned orthodontically. Depending on bite problems, braces can be worn even 2-3 years. As soon as bite and teeth are straightened and adjusted, an implantologist is able to fit an implant perfectly in place. The right implant placement guarantees a natural look and minimizes the risk of any complications. So, after the orthodontic work, your teeth are in the correct positions and there is a space to install the implants.

Benefits of having implantation abroad before braces in Poland

Performing implantation before braces done extremely rare. Usually, dentists recommend completing orthodontic treatment, and after that implantation. The main reason for that is the fact that once implants are inserted, they stand still and cannot be moved by braces. Still, there are 2 exceptions where implants can be installed before putting braces. If your braces do not apply to the teeth opposing or surrounding the implant, they can be fitted. So, e.g. an implant on one of the back teeth can be installed if you need braces only for front teeth. And secondly, some dentists may decide to insert an implant because it could serve as an anchor helping move teeth in an orthodontic treatment.

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Braces in Poland, as well as implants in Poland, are astonishingly cheap. Yet, their price varies depending on the individual patient. Dental Travel Poland offers a wide range of cheap dental implants abroad as well as various braces types. Patients can always choose between standard and premium Dental implants types and braces materials. The prices for braces start from 399 GBP, and for an implant with a crown on it from 800 GBP! We offer also assistance with logistics and with pleasure, we will help you organize your journey and stay in Poland!

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