3 Reasons for being ADDICTED to Charter Communication’s Internet Packages

Charter Spectrum is currently hailed (by ISP industry analysts and service-users alike) as being one of the most budget-friendly, high-performance and consumer-oriented services provider in the market today. In addition to the company’s unrivaled trio of the standalone Internet, Cable TV, and Digital Phone (Calling) service plans, Charter offers a highly affordable collection of 2-in-1&3-in-1 bundled packages that provide great value without the usual round of service-related glitches. Internet Providers in My Area packages, in particular, deserve an extra degree of public commendation for the various service features that characterize their typical (everyday) usage. These on-service amenities include (but are not limited to) starting data-transfer speeds of 60 Mbps, stringent antivirus & anti-hacking software defences maintained from the server-end, the inclusion of a FREE Internet Modem with every web subscription package, as well as the absence of any restricting data caps.

An Internet Service that is Tailored to YOUR Needs

When considered from a holistic standpoint (and after analyzing the service offerings of the company’s competitors in the digital market sphere), signing up for a charter communications Internet plan might end up as being one of the wisest subscription decisions that you may have undertaken in a long time. The wide range of customer testimonials, which may be easily scrutinized online on a number of forums and user blogs, make this outcome more than likely.

In this post, we have attempted to outline 3 of the most pressing reasons why you might become addicted to charter communications Internet plans. These pointers constitute only our generalized (and, it should be stated, subjective) take on this issue, and individual user reviews and experiences may diverge somewhat from our viewpoint. What we can guarantee, however, is that all such honest accounts propagated by experienced plan subscribers will not depart significantly from what we relate here.

  1. Enjoy Unrivaled High Speeds

At the very outset of this post, we made a reference to the typical speed range of a charter communications Internet package (which amounts to a starting 60 Mbps in fast downloading rates). If you were to conduct a thorough market analysis on the complete list of internet subscription offers currently available within your locality, chances are that you might not come across a similarly high-speed internet solution. With the provision of such blazing data-transfer rates, conducting even the most bandwidth-intensive of online tasks becomes as easy as a proverbial ‘walk in the park’. Whether it’s for engaging in time-consuming online gaming sessions with your best friends, or interacting with your business partners through multiple-attendee Skype conference calls, or even streaming the latest episode of Narcos on Netflix – with Spectrum, you’re more than prepared to meet any web-based challenge that comes your way head on!

  1. Gain Stellar – 24/7 – Antivirus Protection

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In today’s world, the average internet user faces a variety of unprecedented cyber-attacks (that remain unrivalled in terms of their sophistication) on a daily basis. The fact that most web surfers don’t notice these continual intrusions is a different (though related) concern – and largely springs from the large-scale adoption (by operating system designers) of powerful virtual ‘firewall’ shields that prevent the entry of most encoded pathogens into host computer systems. With the use of a charter communications Internet subscription, service users gain an extra level of protection enforced digitally from the company’s servers. These network-integrated protections cover all devices connected to a single charter communications Internet linkage and ensure complete peace of mind for the said ISPs subscription base.

Over a charter communications Internet connection, it, therefore, becomes easy to conduct all confidential online transactions; with the guarantee that none of your private information will get leaked to the multitude of hacker’s consortiums out there. Even without an inbuilt software security suite operating within the confines of an individual personal computer, being secured with Charter’s antivirus defences can practically mean the difference between having your data covertly stolen & keeping it comprehensively protected from prying eyes.

  1. Take Thrills with a ZERO Contract Service

All of Charter’s multifaceted subscription offerings (be they in standalone or bundled formats), and not only its Internet plans, come without any contractual formalities. Most internet services today (marketed by other entertainment & connectivity services vendors) feature limiting ‘Term Agreements’ that are mostly mentioned (in obfuscating prose) within the fine print of the lengthy disclaimer policies that accompany them. These legal instruments, which the subscriber is required to agree to before starting with a particular monthly package, seek to bind users for a certain period of time within the hosting company’s ‘clutches’. If the subscriber should choose to discontinue the service before its stipulated legal time, he/she is forced to pay an ‘Early Termination Fee’ demanded by the services provider. This subscription caveat is regularly blamed, within consumer circles, for the inevitable degradation that it brings to the end-user experience.With a High-Speed Internet Providers connection, this subscriber concern – in retrospect – is completely eliminated.

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