What is an SMS Number? Useful Tips & Solutions from HotTelecom

A virtual SMS number allows you to send and receive text messages from almost anywhere around the world. It is very efficient and effective to use since you can receive SMS even without using a phone. SMS phone numbers also allow you to build a business presence worldwide. Thus, enhancing brand awareness while building your business authority.

Virual SMS number - Hottelecom

A virtual SMS number intends to receive calls and SMS messages through your phone or personal computer. About text messages, you have the choice of whether to receive them via email through SMS-to-email service or redirect them to another existing mobile phone of yours.

Getting a virtual SMS number today is so easy. There are lots of service providers nowadays that offer free and paid online SMS numbers. However, you must be wary about where to buy SMS numbers just to be sure that you are taking all the advantages this kind of service has to offer.

Where to Get SMS Number

As mentioned, there are tons of cloud-based phone service providers out there that are offering this kind of virtual service. But getting your virtual SMS number from a reliable source is what matters most. Hottelecom, widely known for its excellent service and reliable VoIP system offers SMS phone numbers. Aside from that, Hottelecom has a great lineup of SMS numbers such as:

  1. SMS phone numbers
  2. Toll-free numbers
  3. Second phone numbers
  4. Mobile phone numbers
  5. And many more!

What are the advantages of purchasing your SMS number from Hottelecom?

Getting your online SMS number from Hottelecom has several significant advantages. It is worth discussing the benefits that you can get once you avail of a virtual SMS number from us.

  • You have the full security of your sensitive information.
  • You will receive an immediate response from our customer service specialists for all your concerns.
  • A SIP account or Session Initiation Protocol account will be provided to you once you get a virtual number from us.
  • You have the option to forward incoming calls to Telegram.
  • With our 100 plus payment method that includes the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, you can seamlessly purchase your online SMS number from us.
  • You are assured of a stable and reliable connection from us.
  • Except for a few areas, we provide a seamless flow of connection up to 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • With more than 90 countries available, you can easily build your business presence almost anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, there are some entrepreneurs and business owners who are still skeptical of using a virtual SMS number. Some of them don’t even know what it is and what the useful functions it has are. Listed below are some of the amazing benefits of integrating an online SMS number from Hottelecom to your communication system:

  1. When it comes to branding, setting up a virtual number will allow you to use a sender ID for all messages that are sent. You can use your dedicated virtual number for branding purposes so your customers will know what to expect from your company.
  2. You are capable of connecting the number to any countries available and listed at Hottelecom’s website. Thus, giving you a greater chance to build a business presence.
  3. With Hottelecom, you are assured of the anonymity of your data. Hence, avoiding any breach of your sensitive information.
  4. Integrating an SMS phone number means having the ability to gain more customers, whether local or international.
  5. You can manage your incoming messages in real-time without worrying about any delays.
  6. And since your virtual SMS number is very flexible, you can answer queries and concerns from your customers 24/7. As a result, you are gaining the trust and loyalty from them.

There are more advantages and benefits a virtual number can provide for you and the list would go long. But what is important is that you will be able to track text messages whether with your phone or without your phone. And that feature is not possible with the use of regular SIM cards that we usually insert in our phones.

Knowing the value of virtual SMS numbers would provide you the edge you need over your business competitors. It would take you one step forward and to a high level of professionalism. That is why it is an important factor for entrepreneurs and enterprise owners to be fully aware of the value-added features an online SMS number has.

One of the misconceptions individuals thought about a virtual SMS number is that it is a disposable number. So to make things clear, let’s discuss the difference between a virtual SMS number and a disposable number.

When we talk about disposable SMS numbers, we are referring to one-time numbers that are specially designed to provide the required corporate security. Normally, a disposable SMS number is a one-time use for registering on social networks and other Internet services. So the bottom line is that disposable SMS numbers are used one time only if your plan is not to utilize it more than once.

On the other hand, a virtual SMS number from Hottelecom provides you more flexibility because you can use it as long as you want. Flexible because wherever you are, you are still capable of receiving SMS messages and decide whether to redirect those messages to your email or another phone number.

Virtual SMS Number from Hottelecom

Aside from the mentioned features above, online SMS numbers from Hottelecom are available from more than 100 countries and 6000 cities worldwide. With those figures, you can be certain that business expansion is highly possible with Hottelecom.

Hottelecom is the home for every virtual phone system service that every business needs. And with its SMS phone numbers, you are more than capable of bringing your business to the next level.

SMS phone numbers are the most efficient numbers to use for your advertising and marketing campaigns. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t want his number to be mixed up with business transactions, then this is right for you. And since identity breach happens over the Internet, wouldn’t it be awesome if you can protect your identifiable information especially your phone number?

Hottelecom, Trusted by Millions Worldwide

When it comes to your virtual phone system, there is only one service provider that you need, and that is Hottelecom. It helps you to increase the level of your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. You can also increase your customers’ loyalty because of your prompt answers and resolutions to their queries and concerns.

Are you ready to shift to the next level but still have questions in your mind? Don’t hesitate to reach us, and we will be more than happy to assist you. Helping you grow your business and succeed is also a success to us.