Top 10 Sites to Receive SMS Online without a Phone

There are many situations when users need mobile numbers for registration on websites and verification using an SMS code. Unfortunately, buying a new SIM card is not always acceptable for certain categories of the population. It is also quite tedious to implement. Luckily there are many online services that offer free virtual number sms to activate your accounts. Let’s take a look at the top 10 options for you.


This is a fairly old site that has a slightly archaic design. Nevertheless, it provides several free functions for activating accounts on the Internet point. You can select three phone numbers and use them to register on certain services. It is worth noting that not all numbers are regularly updated, but you can try to seize the moment and create an account.


The second option is FreePhoneNum. This is a website that offers phone numbers for the United States and Canada. Some of them are available free of charge so you can register. it is worth noting that the service does not always work in the best way and at times the phones may not be updated period, however, it is still a good option for free registrations. is a good option to receive sms free online. It has a number of phone numbers of different countries that are regularly updated. The convenient design will allow you to quickly select the required phone number in order to verify. The site has many functions and a convenient option for communicating with technical support. In fact it is one of the best websites for getting free SMS right now.


This simple and austere website has six phone numbers for the US and two for Canada and is handled by other users so you have to hurry up if you want to register. As a rule, most of the numbers are constantly busy, but you can try your luck and register on any service.


The next contender for a good online service has quite a few toll free numbers and has a relatively simple interface. You can count on being able to quickly find a phone number and register on a website. It is worth noting that all public sms messages are published on the main page.


This option is especially interesting for those who love asceticism dot here there are fast numbers for registration. But you will have to create an account on the site. Unfortunately, there are not many services for registration, but you can still count on free services and enough comfortable information on the use of numbers.


Fakenum has several toll free numbers for the USA and publishes all sms messages on the home page. There is also a small instruction on how to receive sms messages and verify an account on a specific site. In fact it is a very simple but informative enough site that you can use for free registrations.


This site is one of the most interesting options for registration. There are about 12 countries to choose from which you can use. it is worth noting that the registration system does not always work correctly, but the number of numbers allows you to compensate for this moment.


Receive-SMS is one of the oldest websites in operation since 2013 and provides numbers for the European region and the United States. it is worth noting that the site has a very primitive design, but this does not prevent you from using convenient functions. Simple registration is available to every user. The only caveat is the fact that all numbers are quickly sorted out by other users.


The latter website is also ranked as one of the most simple and primitive sites in terms of design. Nevertheless, it adequately fulfills its function. You can get three US numbers to register accounts on third party sites. The company provides users with a stable service and regularly updates phone numbers.