SnipperApp 2 or Atom: what to choose?

If you work with code, then snippet app is vital for you. It is an opportunity to organize all separate sections of code for future use. The choice of a snippet manager depends on your preferences and capabilities. Let's look at two options: SnipperApp 2 and Atom. A detailed comparison will help to identify the best option for everyday use.

Feature Comparison: SnipperApp 2 and Atom

Atom is developed by people from GitHub. The project team wanted to make an open-source product that is available to everyone. The main feature of the manager is multiple packages. They help expand the functionality of the application. By default, it is just a text editor with a small set of functions. The main advantage is the package extensibility. But many unofficial packages are intermittent and conflicting.

The program has several problems when opening large projects. Also, there are some nuances with synchronization. You can count on access to GitHub gists, but iCloud will be inaccessible from the box. You can view code errors only in a new window. Also, it has uncomfortable text selecting in whole blocks across the width of the page. Atom is not very convenient to set hotkeys. The main problem of the manager is the increased requirement for the hardware of your computer. Optimization is not the strongest point of the project.

SnipperApp 2 is a modern code manager. Here you can also create any snippet on mac in a few clicks. Unlike its competitor, SnipperApp 2 can synchronize with iCloud. Here you can use the lightweight GUI and make backups. The manager supports 120+ programming languages. There are syntax highlighting and invisible characters viewing here. GitHub Flavored Markdown with preview mode works smoothly.

The manager quickly opens large files and can quickly find files by tags and tabs. Here you get a full-fledged snippet manager without extensions. All functions work without extensions. Edit the code and use tab size customization. The program is optimized for most macOS devices and allows you to share files with colleagues. Syntax highlighting works for every programming language, which is a plus.

The bottom line

SnipperApp 2 is a new solution for those who do not want to look for work extension packages. Here you will get convenient functionality, many modern features, and monthly updates. The application is designed for all categories of people who work with code. Create and store snippets in one click. Full synchronization with GitHub and iCloud adds more freedom to use the manager.