How to Teach a Dog the Command “Bark”?

One of the most popular dog commands is the “Bark” command. Each owner decides for himself what this command is for him: someone teaches just so that the dog knows some trick that can please guests, someone to scare suspicious strangers, and someone develops the dog in this way, because learning a new command always makes the dog think and develop. You can find more interesting articles on our website, but for now we will analyze several options for teaching a dog the command “Bark”.

With a Treat

Put the dog on a leash, place the dog in front of you, step on the leash to prevent the dog from jumping on you. Not too tight and not too relaxed. Raise your hand with the treat above the dog's head and start luring it by giving the command “Yes” or “Take it” and then repeat the command “Bark”. Your intonation should be fun and inviting. As soon as the dog gives a voice, immediately give him the treat and actively praise him. Be sure to repeat all the steps again until you see a positive result.

With a Toy

It so happens that the dog is absolutely not a food worker, but he will do everything for his favorite toy. Teaching the command “Bark” the toy can be used as a stimulus. The actions are the same as when learning for a treat. Sit down the dog, step on the leash so that the dog cannot jump and start teasing the dog with a toy, each time invitingly and cheerfully repeating the command “Bark”. As soon as the dog gives a voice, immediately give him the toy and play a little with the dog, then repeat all the actions again.

With the Help of Another Dog

If among your friends there are those whose dogs know the command "Bark" use this. Sit two dogs next to each other and give the command “Bark” to a dog that knows it. immediately praise the barking dog with a treat. Then give the command “Bark” to your dog and if he is silent then go back to the previous dog, repeat the command and give him food, then repeat with your dog. As soon as your dog understands why the other dog is getting a treat and starts barking on command, be sure to praise him and repeat the command again.

Remember that dogs are quite cunning creatures, and therefore, so that the dog does not start begging for food or barking (when it is not necessary), use the forbidding command “No” or “Stop”. By this you will show that the dog can only bark on command and then it will receive encouragement, if the dog barks asking for something, it will not receive encouragement and the owner will be dissatisfied.