How to make friends in college

College years are said to be the golden years of life. There is so much of freedom and so much to learn besides your subjects. Life on the campus can be full of fun and enjoyment with friends. However, if you are a lonely and shy individual, you can find the same campus life dull and boring. There are many students who can be seen spending all their free time on their mobile phone and laptop. If you do not have friends with whom you can share your happiness and sorrow, the same campus appears to be a cage from where you wish to escape. Here are some easy ways to make friends in college.

1. Make the most of the opportunities that come your way

College is a place where one or the other activity or event is being organized every now and then. New students arrive with every new semester while some leave the campus. You get a chance to meet and interact with so many people that it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find likeminded individuals. You will not find any other place with so many young people ready to mingle with others. All you have to do is to make a move first.

2. Use a warm handshake and a smile to do the trick

The atmosphere on the campus is so easy and relaxing that you will find everyone smiling, talking, and giggling. Just extend a warm handshake and introduce yourself to those whom you want to make friends. You can introduce yourself to anyone sitting beside you. It is much better to break the ice by introducing yourself and get a smile in return. You will find that making friends is not so difficult after all.

3. Spend some time outside your room

Individuals who head straight to their room in the hostel are often the ones who have very few friends. Of course you need your room to study and also to get some rest. But if you do not show an inclination to meet others, you cannot expect to develop relationships with others on the campus. Be prepared to invest some time to earn friendship of others in the college. You have to come out of your comfort zone and show that you are part of the gang to make friends.

4. Spend time in the cafeteria

Coffee shop or the cafeteria in the college is one of the best places to have some fun with friends in the college. You will find people in a good mood talking loudly without any reservations in this place. You will feel the freedom and the confidence that is needed to develop strong bonds with other young boys and girls in the college.

5. Join a sports team or a cultural club

Colleges are known for their sports teams and clubs offering extracurricular activities. Whether you have a hobby or a love for a sport, both these places offer endless opportunities to make good friends. It is surprising how quickly you get attracted to others and find people drawn to you because of similar interests.

6. Campus volunteering

If you are a shy individual and find it difficult to make friends, the best option for you is to join or the other volunteer clubs in your college. There are always one or the other volunteering projects going on in the college and you can enrol yourself to get a chance to do something and also meet new people. By taking part in community projects, you will also gain the much needed confidence to talk with other young people.