Letterhead Designing Tips You Need To Follow

Letterhead is a very crucial printing collateral for any business. It also represents your company. It communicates the brand image of your company to clients or anyone else. Even the smallest of detail can impact your company’s representation. Now, you know how important it is to make a well-designed letterhead for your company. This article will help you to make one by providing some amazing tips to make an awesome business letterhead.

Begin with Basics

First of all, you need to decide what kind of vibe do you want to give to others. A lot depends upon the company image for which it is made. Make sure the letterhead remains catchy yet simple. Making it too vibrant or irrelevant can backfire. Minimal designing gives a clear idea. So, before you move further to decide anything, make sure your vision of creating a letterhead is defined. This helps to set a path for your working and makes the whole process a lot more easy and understandable.

Use right border

As you start designing the letterhead, you might feel tempted to use many different combinations of borders. But, remember to keep it minimalistic and only use those borders which compliment your brand image. Now that so much of advancement going around, printing technologies have also evolved. A nicely designed and printed border provides a personality to your business card. Don’t oversize or overcrowd the border design as it can make your letterhead look confusing. Think carefully before deciding the border design for your letterhead.

Consider company vibe

We all know that every business doesn’t have a similar working area. Same goes for the letterhead as well. Design the letterhead in a way that it conveys the company vibe. Using too bright colors or flashy designs for a law company is not a good idea. Use professional color themes for such professional companies. Create lively and funky letterheads for companies related to creativity. Another way to make a professional letterhead with ease is by using letterhead designing tools like Canva . These tools can be used by anyone to design a letterhead for their company. The best part about using this tool is it is free and saves a lot of time too.

Keeping it simple is best

They say “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and it couldn’t be more true. Similarly, when making a letterhead for your company, try to keep it simple and prompt. Minimalistic and simple designs look better than overcrowded designs. Nowadays there are various design options that can easily confuse you. So, always go for subtle designs that make your letterhead look professional and pretty.

Using right typography

This one is the most important factor that can change the whole letterhead loo. Even though if you select beautiful designs or patterns but fail to select the right font, your letterhead can look wage. Just like designs, there are varied font options available. So select the one that is easily readable and goes well with the company image. If your company has a particular font type then use it in letterhead as well. Not to forget never use two types of fonts instead just select one. Using too many types of fonts can make your content look distracting and unattractive.

I hope all the above points helped you to know some useful tips for designing a letterhead. In case of any doubt or query, do let us know through your comments below.


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