Freezing Mileage: How to Stop Odometer Numbers Without Traces

An odometer is a device that records the distance traveled by car in kilometers by counting wheel rotations. The transmission torque is taken from the gearbox rotation shaft and converted into digital mileage readings on the instrument panel. Numerous car owners want to change the readings on the meters, and it is pretty easy to do this with the assistance of the mileage freezer available to every car lover.

Depending on the vehicle configuration, mileage information is stored in numerous spots. Accordingly, if you need to freeze up the mileage, you will have to splash out to change the readings in all places. However, there is a solution that will allow you to abandon this idea — a unique device for stopping the mileage run. You activate it when needed, and the odometer numbers freeze.

Difference between blocking and calibrating a run

The main difference between stopping the odometer and calibrating it is the indisputable safety of the device for the car. When using the freezing device, everything happens naturally, and there is no interference in the operation of electronic units. A blocking device is like a passive filter that connects behind the dashboard. It does not generate any signals but blocks impulses from the ABS sensors and other elements to the electronic units to track the mileage.

Reasons to use a blocker

Numerous people use an odometer blocker for these reasons:

  • First of all, when users need to suspend the speedometer to extend the service run.
  • Vehicle owners need to extend the warranty service for considerable annual vehicle mileage.
  • Car enthusiasts will also need to stop the odometer to eventually sell the car at a higher price.

How the blocker works

Freezing the odometer readings is quite simple. Even a novice auto mechanic can do it. The principle of operation of the blocker is as follows:

  • The device is installed behind the dashboard into a standard connector.
  • With minimal skills, the filter can be easily installed and removed by yourself without the help of a specialist.
  • All car wires remain intact.
  • No damages or changes are made to the car.

There is a complete imitation of the car standing while driving. Likewise, for redundant blocks, no information about the car's movement is received. The odometer stop is activated using a combination of buttons (simultaneously pressing two buttons) on the steering wheel.

To sum up, it is important to remember that installing a mileage monitor is an effective solution that stays in the shade and does not affect the car's operation in any way. There will be no mistakes when using the device. Moreover, you can easily install it and operate it without problems.