Need for contact lenses or other refractive surgeries post- LASIK

PRK, LASIK and many other laser surgeries for vision correction have very high success rates. As a matter of fact, a published literature review concluded that above 95% LASIK specimen are highly satisfied with their refractive surgery. But we simply couldn’t ignore the fact that these procedures aren’t for everyone and even produce different results depending on overall patient’s condition and various other relevant aspects.

Although the results of LASIK eye surgery in Abu Dhabi are truly exceptional; halos, starbursts and glare when the eyes are exposed to light be common problems following any refractive surgery per se. For people who’ve had their refractive surgeries but still face some mild and tolerable vision anomalies, post-surgical options are there that are safe and convenient.

Post-surgery contact lenses

LASIK and different laser correction procedures remove microscopic tissues from the cornea and reshapes the frontal eye surface. Rarely, this may cause indiscretions in the corneal shape thus making the vision less distinct as compared to wearing contact lenses and glasses. Enhancement; which is a follow-up of the initial laser surgery mostly corrects these irregularities however, if your cornea’s too flimsy for a post-surgery, gas permeable or hybrid contact lenses are the best solutions.

Gas Permeable (GP) contact lenses

lasik eye surgery

These lenses are rigid which means they maintain their shape on the eye when you wear them unlike softer counterparts that drape the cornea and thus lose their original structure. This is however because of the tears between the cornea and rear surface of the lens.

It harnesses the irregularities on the corneal surface causing certain aberrations. The smooth and frontal surface of the lens optically replaces the asymmetrical corneal surface thus eliminating visual distortions and blurs.

Typical eyeglasses don’t alter the corneal irregularities thereby aren’t effective against visual distortions due to these. However, glasses can only correct basic refractive errors such as farsightedness, near-sightedness and regular astigmatism. The permanent and most viable solution here is undergoing LASIK eye surgery in Abu Dhabi but only after doctor’s consent.

Custom designed lenses for post-surgical fitting

Since LASIK and other laser surgeries significantly alter the corneal shape, application of contact lens on the post-surgical eye is extremely challenging. Specialized hybrid or gas permeable lenses are designed to cope with these circumstances. Modified designs may include a wider lens diameter, spherical or more flat at the center than periphery which is known as reverse geometry design. It’s similar to lens designs used to correct near-sightedness with orthokeratology without surgery.

Most of the ophthalmologists would recommend scleral contact lenses for those who prefer or actually require a non-surgical vision correction post LASIK. These lenses have a much larger diameter that cover the entire corneal surface including the sclera that is the white of the eye thus giving the looks of a natural eye lens. Since these cover the entire cornea, they’re particularly effective against asymmetric astigmatism and corneal aberrations. In fact, scleral contact lenses are helpful in relieving symptoms from dry eye post vision surgery.


The need for lenses and follow-up surgeries post-LASIK are very rare and only for those persistent to vision anomalies because refractive procedure is highly effective and successful, further improved with latest technological advancement.


By: Hassaan Javaid

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