Custom-Made CRM in Action: Real Estate

Global digitization penetrates all spheres of today’s business. You can hardly find an industry where CRM - software for managing all company’s relations - wasn’t introduced to a certain degree. Even such conservative one as real estate, according to the last research, has over 72% CRM adoption. Market offers a number of out-of-the-box CRMs that might cover the needs of an average real estate firm. But if you want to get the most appropriate product customized for your company’s specifics and requirements, you should consider building your own CRM. This article shows what benefits crafting a CRM from scratch brings to real estate entrepreneurs.

1. Personalized experience

Doing business, including real estate, means handling a large amount of data. All kinds of spreadsheets, orders, documentation, interaction history and so on must be at arm’s length. Custom-made CRM will be designed in accordance with your data priorities, so your workers will be able to promptly distinguish customers, identify their needs, match them with suitable property and provide the highly personalized customer experience.

2. Business Processes Automation

CRMs, among other things, are meant to automate routine activities, like paperwork, database management etc., so your team can spend their work time on more valuable tasks. However, preset CRMs have serious limitations, which often requires retraining your staff to operate in the system. Custom-made CRM for Real Estate, on the other hand, will be built in compliance with the specifics of your company and will increase productivity of the company by reducing everyday routine.

3. Digital Tools Integration

Third-party software flooded the market the past several years, being used for client interactions, accounting, communication, video presentations and so on. A lot of entrepreneurs use industry-specific applications in their work (like Zillow, a real estate marketplace). Preset CRMs integrate simply with the most popular apps. However, it can become a problem if you need to use some of unconventional tools, like RealScout (real estate search engine) or AreaPulse (analytics engine). Moreover, a VR/AR era is on its way, these tools will be used by at least half of real estate companies the next year, so they should be integrated as well. Custom-made CRM will be designed to integrate with any of the third-party software, so you won’t have any troubles using your favorite digital tools.

4. Predictive Analytics

Since big data came along, in-depth analytics became one of the most valuable features in CRMs. However, preset CRMs offer only general information, don’t give the full image and can’t be the best guides for forming a strategy in real estate.

On the other hand, customized CRM will be built upon your specific requests and analytics from it will reflect your vision of moving forward. You will get the most relevant insights and will be able to react to changes on the go. Forewarned is forearmed.

5. Data Protection

Storing data in cloud is associated with risks of cybercrimes and data breaches. Client information security is an issue of increasing concern, especially in real estate, where the amount of money for a single deal processed can be huge. Major CRM companies have an excellent data protection, but it’s not flawless – Redtail, for instance, admitted to a major breach last year. Custom-made CRM will ensure that the only one who can access the server with protected data is you and your provider. It also will make you in charge of security data processing rules.

With all said, despite the higher costs of custom-made CRM, benefits of developing such a software over ready-made solutions will give you a competitive edge on the real estate market. At Rubyroid Labs, we specialize in developing CRMs using Ruby on Rails. Drop us a line about your company and we will provide you with the most relevant and powerful CRM software there can be.