Reasons The Website Traffic Is less And How To Get More Readers – how to get traffic on website

It’s one of the most popular questions by newbie Why is my website traffic low even if I am devoting quality time to it. Actually, there are many answers to this and it depends on the approach you are taking. Considering these I am highlighting some points which are usually overlooked during initial days.there are some tips for how to get traffic on website.

Reasons for less traffic and how to get traffic on website :

how to get traffic on website/dirtyindiannews
how to get traffic on website

Not targeting Proper keyword

Many newbie target keyword with high search volume but they don’t know the power of long tail keyword with low monthly searches. It is easier for ranking on these keywords with less effort. It doesn’t mean you should not target high search volume keyword. You should target if you are capable of spending some on your website or can put a lot of effort on your website. There are many groups on facebook from where you can take help and can grow your website.

Quality of article

Many people focus much on backlinking but they forget the main thing that the audience is coming for. Even if you rank on the first page and the people are coming to your website and not finding the article useful. Do you think that person is going to come back? Of course not. So your website is not capable of retaining the traffic. It makes the growth slow and lesser. If we are putting quality article then the person who is visiting the website will become again and again. In this way, the old visitors and new visitors will make the traffic double and triple day by day. Another thing to consider is the on-page SEO which is equally important as off page SEO. Most of the people misunderstand the on-page SEO with keyword stuffing but it not correct. It’s just a part of it.


Weak marketing or promotion

Promoting website content is what every newbie doesn’t care about. There are a lot of ways to promote your website other than sharing on social media. Like influencer marketing. Now you might be wondering what is this influencer marketing. In every niche, there are some people or brand they are like authority. People get influenced by their saying and people follow them. So if they comment or share thought on your site then it can drive huge traffic to your site. Now a day people just do the guest post for backlinking. But they forget that guest posting can be made as a great source of traffic. How I think you will understand of your own if you know what guest posting is.

Website overall look/user experience

Suppose if you get good food in poor surrounding then what would be your expression? Similarly, if you have quality content but is not presented correctly then all your effort will go into vain.

Social media presence

Not only putting the article and doing SEO is all blogging about. There is another various way we can bring traffic to our site. Be active in your social media profile will help you in gaining popularity and creating an authority. See social media as a major source of traffic for many niches. Like if you are into fashion then you can use Instagram for driving huge traffic to your blog.


Now I think you can figure out the problem with your site. So here comes the solution by following which you might get a tremendous traffic increase.


  • A good and catchy headline to your posts.


  • Good social presence


  • Good off page SEO. (Try to avoid spamming)


  • Self-branding/ Authority creation


  • Good and engaging articles


  • Proper selection of keyword


  • Website design

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