How To Get American Netflix in India

How to get American Netflix in India – the Easy Way

Get US Netflix which has 6 times more content than India Netflix!

That’s right the US Netflix has 6000 titles and the India Netflix only has a mere 1000!!

So if you’ve signed up for Netflix and it’s not as good as you thought…We’ve got some great news for you!

You can access the US Netflix with all the great content with your Indian account!

It’s so easy…head over to Express VPN Here, sign up (you get 1 week FREE), follow the instructions and log into Netflix

ALL the US content is available!

With Netflix officially making a move into the digital TV provider arena in India, many of us are wondering whether it is still worth it to go the extra mile and access US Netflix through a smart DNS or VPN service. After all, it would be much easier, not to mention less legally uncertain, to just switch to India Netflix.


Before jumping the gun on this decision, though, you should know that the Indian version for Netflix has a hugely reduced library of content, and you’ll be missing out on much of the premium TV shows that Netflix US has to offer.

Simply put, it is still much better for you to keep on using/get an American Netflix subscription alongside a smart DNS service e.g. Unblock-US. Granted that you’ll be walking a legal grey zone, but remember that Netflix has not directly condemned this practice, and you are paying them genuine money rather than getting the content through piracy or torrenting. You people can also stream the movies and TV shows freely. Here is the list of getting Netflix.

How to get Netflix USA in India

To watch shows on Netflix US on your smart television, console, media player, computer or Apple TV/IOS device, you have to go around the location restriction enforced by Netflix to prevent subscribers from one region from accessing the content of another region.

The simplest way of doing this is to use a smart DNS provider such as Unblock-US, which will fool Netflix into thinking that you are accessing the content from inside the United States when in reality, you will be sitting in your living room in India.

Unblock-US is quite a popular service and comes with a weeklong free trial that doesn’t require you to supply credit card details beforehand. After the trial expires, the services cost $4.99.

After you have gone through the India Netflix sign up the process, fire up your browser and visit Express VPN to get the seven-day trial. Go to their homepage and do not click on the sign-up button because then you won’t be able to get the free trial.

Next, visit their How to Set Up page to find out the exact steps for configuring your device to Unblock-US’s DNS servers. Although you can do this manually for every device you own, the easier way is to set up the DNS servers on your main router, so each device connected to the router automatically gets updated with those settings.

Don’t forget…


Before you alter the DNS values present on your device to the ones provided by Unblock-US, note down the present values and settings on a piece of paper as insurance. You’ll need them to revert to your original settings in case things go wrong (not that they usually do, of course).

Also, make a printed copy of this article in case you unintentionally alter an internet setting that prevents you from opening up this web page in your browser.

Some devices may require an app download before you can use India Netflix on them – you can normally get them from the device’s app store, but make sure you download the app specific to the US region.


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