5 Ways to Save on a Car Rental

We all love road side trips with our family and friends; vacations always acts as a stress buster and give us some relief from those long hectic weekdays. Winters are approaching, it’s the best time of the year to plan your holidays and experience the seasons’ first snowfalls. Whether you are planning to go to the nearest hill station or to the airports to fly abroad, you always need a car to reach to your destination at the earliest. Every time it’s not possible to take your own car to travel so car renting is the best option to consider that will definitely save a lot of your time and money.

But before booking a car, you need to do extensive research so that you can save on your car rental; beneath are some of the ways by which you can save your hard-earned money by significant amount.

Become a member of any rental car loyalty rewards program

If you are a frequent traveller who needs to travel a lot due to personal and work commitments, then you must register with some of the car rental providers by registering your e-mail ID at their site for free of cost. By registering on these sites, you will be informed about the latest updates and the company will keep you in loop about the latest loyalty programs, also your car rental preference will be stored on the site and you will get guaranteed vehicle availability with two hours of notice period.

Search for coupons and deals

Before finalizing any deal with a car rental provider, always cross check the best offers and deals which other car rental providers are offering. Also while using the services of a particular car provider; you can club your two deals or coupons to reduce the price of the fare by significant amount. Many a times just by doing broader searches, the riders can save up to 50 percent on their billing amount, it’s just that you have to hunt properly to get the best deal. Don’t always book a car by the company’s brand and name as sometimes fewer common brands offer you better rates, so compare coupons and deals of various agencies before closing the deal.

Try to take pick up and drops from places near to airport

Car renting to the airport is convenient, but while taking the pickup and drops to the airports can be quite expensive especially if you are travelling during the peak hours. If you use some smart tips, you can save a lot while using airport rental. For instance, if you require an overnight stay in your arrival city then try to book a car which is near to your hotel so that you don’t end up paying more while haeding towards the airport. You also save money by paying for transportation from the airport to a nearby car rental agency.

Ask for referral points

Many companies also offer referral points, means if you refer someone a particular car rental company, you will get attractive points credited to your account. You have to ask about the referral code from the company and can use them to get a free ride. Apart from the referral discounts, lot of companies offer other kind of discounts as well, so don’t feel shy is asking for the discounts.

If possible, use credit cards to make the payment

While making the payments, try to use your credit card that can give you maximum rewards in the form of cash discount or credit points which can be used on your next ride. Your credit card or bank might have tie-up with specific agencies and by using your card you can save 20% (or even more) on the total price, also many a times you receive coupons through email on the behalf of your bank after you booked your car or air tickets. So just be alert about your credit card membership privileges before making the payments.

Refer to an online deal aggregator to compare prices

Before making the payments, refer to some sites that compare the prices of cars from many different rental car companies once, so rather than going on each and every site, you can rely upon these sites to get the actual price of the cars. Many websites allow you to search for the best car rental deals available inside and outside the city. Since there is lot of fluctuation in the car rental prices, so if possible, book your car in advance so that you can book them at the rock-bottom price and enjoy your holidays. If you have fixed the dates of your vacation, book the car ASAP as waiting till the last minute can overshoot the price of the car and you will find it difficult to search for the vehicle as per your dates and preferences.

Renting a car is smarter choice than driving your own vehicle, so next time before booking any car on rent, do consider these points so that you don’t end up paying then actual price; also you can use enterprise coupons to get best prices for the cars that you require inside and outside the city. It’s better to opt for the car rental services while going on the vacations as you want to enjoy your vacations and driving your car can really make you crazy, especially if you get stuck in traffic jams.

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