3 Strategies for Curing HIV | Best way To Cure HIV

A person who has been living with one of the most deadly conditions, HIV, can easily suppress this virus with the help of antiretroviral, as no other cure exists. If there is a cure for this deadly condition, it will lead to a complete eradication of this virus from the system of the person who has been affected. However, scientists are not looking for this option only, as they have discovered some other strategies as well.

Shocking and killing technique

HIV is known to hide in the reservoir cells of the body and it has the capability of remaining silent until and unless the patient is known to take an antiretroviral therapy. As soon as the patient starts taking this therapy, the virus present within the reservoir starts waking up and replicates in the entire body once again. The shock and kill technique will be responsible for waking up these reservoirs for activating the virus that is silent. The main idea behind this is to wake the virus that is killing the activated and healthy cells in the body. The presence of a single virus can also possess a risk as it can duplicate.

Lock and block technique

The lock and block technique is known to take an opposite approach of the shock and kill technique. This process has the main aim of blocking HIV within the reservoir cell in such a manner that it does not get reactivated ever. It is true that the virus will be present within your body, but it will get trapped so that it is unable to escape the host cell, which will prevent it from replication.

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Stem cell transplants

Only a single man has been cured of the deadly HIV, and he is, Timothy Ray Brown, who is also known all over the world as “Berlin Patient”. The transplantation of the stem cell revolves around destroying the immune system of the body and introducing new stem cells within the body. This treatment is commonly used for treating leukemia, which is a kind of cancer of the bone marrow and the blood. However, you need to understand that the transplantation of stem cells are extremely dangerous as well as expensive, and require specific donors, as there are chances that the body can end up rejecting the new stem cells.

In order to detect HIV, the Western blot test is suggested by the doctors. To know about the different western blot steps, you can visit reputed websites like Mybiosource.com. Other than getting detailed information about the test, you will also get to know about the various advantages and disadvantages that are associated with the test.

Antiretroviral therapy

Antiretroviral therapy is suitable only for a particular group of people like the infants who are born from mothers who are HIV positive, but this is not going to work for all the HIV positive people.


Scientists are hoping that all the procedures are going to come out as a huge success so that they can start curing HIV. Also, ensure that you are doing everything that you can to prevent HIV.


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