5 Signs Your Skin is Aging Fast

As time goes by, the skin on our faces grows older. Sunspots, redness, loss of firmness and roughness are some of the consequences of the passage of time that we see in our skin.

The cosmetologists have identified a series of markers with which you can have enough information about the true age of the woman. Neutralized at least one of them, can significantly adjust the appearance. And the measures taken together will have truly fantastic results! The struggle for youth must begin when the bell is already on the first bells: there will be no facial wrinkles, dryness, swelling under the eyes.

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Today, I bring all the information and some solutions to combat 5 signs of skin ageing.

Rough Texture

The rough texture and decrease the brightness in the skin are mainly due to the slowdown in cellular renewal, which causes dead cells on the surface endure.

Not just wrinkles are a sign of aging. Changes in the skin especially that of the face, make us look older than we really are. These signs are made palpable from 35 years and therefore must treat them earlier.

The solution for this is to apply a moisturizer during the day and at night.

Lines and Wrinkles

There are two types of lines, the dynamic and the static. The dynamic lines and wrinkles are caused by continuous facial movements we do: smile, frown, squint and to mourn mark our skin.

The static lines instead develop independently, and are, for example, ranging from nose to chin. The latter is more difficult to prevent.

There are also some things we can do to soften them. On the one hand, try sleeping on your back to avoid the so-called “sleep lines” and on the other hand, do not wash your face too much, as this causes you to drag the fat needed to protect your skin. follow more post from my blog such as the health benefits of green tea.

Dark Spots and Redness

As time passes, the tone of your skin is becoming more uneven, brownish areas may appear spots and redness. The difference of these marks with the freckles is that the freckles are symmetrical, whereas the own discolourations of the age are asymmetric and bigger.

The solution is to use a treatment cream having the property of illuminating the skin and make it look more toned.

Loss of Volume on the Lips

The lips are also an important place where reflected over time. In them, they develop wrinkles; it shows the loss of volume and definition. The main causes are sun exposure and pursing lips when smoking.

It is very important to make your lips look better, your daily routine sums one lip moisturizer that always keeps hydrated.

There are some that come with colour and even with sunscreen. While your lips are cute and painted, you are moisturizing and protecting them from the sun.

Extreme Dryness

Over the years, the skin becomes dry by the loss of sebaceous glands. Especially after menopause, where estrogen levels decrease, the skin becomes drier and thinner. Hot showers, for example, may accentuate these signs.

A good solution is to use a moisturizer daily on the face and body.

As you can see, there are small changes that you can make in your habits so that your skin improves its appearance and looks fresh and healthy. Incorporate these habits and start seeing yourself better!


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