Media is one of the easiest ways to interconnected with the world with different mediums in various ways. It helps one to connect to the world scenario or status. The word “media” is derived from the modern medium, signifying mode or carrier through which one man reach and address a large group of an audience or get information from different group or happening of the society.
Now a day after the three basic needs(food, cloth, house) it also becomes one of the basic needs which help one to sustain their life or provide different ways to communicate, get information or earn money and so many things.
The word was first used in respect of books and newspaper that is print media. These days the scenario of media is change day by day with the advent of technology, skills and competition media now encompasses television, movies, radio and the internet. of today is playing an outstanding role in creating and shaping of the public and strengthening of society.
Today world media is used by different aspects for us. Mainly it is used as a sword arm of interest against malpractice and create public awareness. Today position ordinary people are a mere specified media. It helps common people to protect and act against the injustice, misdeeds, and partiality of our society.
It helps us to fight for our rights and against corruption. It also provides or ways to overcome unknown situations by providing the right information and the solution to overcome the situation.
Everything in the world has both positive and negative aspects. so it has also both sides, so media house and groups used the power of it to misguide the people and also create problem to the society or country. it misleading the groups of society or people by creating their antinational thought or their unworthy thought which creates chaos in the society and makes the change the mentality of society according to their way.
Finally, we made a conclusion about media which tells that it has one of the important and crucial parts which consist of many things that are beneficial and also disadvantage from us. It is up to the society that how we will recognize it. We have to become smart and educated and minded to use media thoughtful so that we can use it as advantageous part and ignore the uneven part. By this, e can make a better sound society and country to live.

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