5 Digital Marketing Solutions for Every Startup Must Needs to Know

Venturing into a new business is a daunting task. The start is perhaps the most difficult part. The fear of failure and lack of resources add up to the impending worry. Most of the surveys reveal that start-ups usually fail and even the continuous efforts don’t kick-start a business. Start-ups can sure make it big, but one has to be proactive and efficient. You need to acquaint yourself with useful marketing tricks and efficient digital marketing solutions. And you need constant determination and commitment until you achieve success. If you are venturing into digital marketing, you are going to need a lot more than just a subscription to one of the Cox Bundle and internet plans. You will need to try a number of marketing solutions and be consistent with them.

You can call it luck for your convenience. But every cab service doesn’t have the privilege to become Uber. If you want to make it big, you will have to work hard. Amongst the 28 million small business setups in the United States alone, you will really have to work really hard to make a name. Read on to know some of the best marketing solutions to stick to.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Solutions for Startups

  1. Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Influencer Marketing

Let’s know them better.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC marketing is a way in which search engine advertising is used to get visitors to your site. It is a powerful and effective marketing tool. It promises to get sales-ready leads. PPC ads appear on top of your SRPs and hence get the attention. It offers a number of practical advantages like:

  • You get to reach your customers with the right ad and at the right time
  • It brings high ROI and you will only have to pay when a person is interested enough to click
  • Get to control the amount that you want to spend
  • You get instant results
  • With PPC You can sharpen your marketing strategies with insights and data

Email Marketing

You must have heard predictions about Email marketing dying its own death. But as a matter of fact, emails are around still and you can actually get to deliver a handsome ROI to the marketers. Surveys reveal that emails earned an impressive ROI of around 122%. And it is 4 times more than all the other marketing channels, which were analyzed. The channels include social media, direct mail, paid search, and others. Following are some effective suggestions:

  • The subject line is incredibly important. You need to make it engaging, catchy, and rich
  • Avoid too much jargon in the email. So, write in persuasive and plain language
  • Avoid huge chunks of monotonous text. Break it up and make it interesting
  • Use subheading and bullets to make it catchy
  • Talk about your offered benefits
  • Optimize your emails for smartphones

Social Media Marketing

No one should underestimate the power of social media. It has become a powerful tool in marketing in the contemporary age. 90 percent of the marketers believe that social networking sites are essential to the business. Following are some of the benefits:

  • It clearly increases traffic and exposure
  • Helps develop loyal customers
  • Improves ranking and generates leads
  • Increases sales

Search Engine Optimization

You may have created one of the best websites with an amazing design. You have comprehensively described all the services or products, which you offer. But it’s not enough to attract visitors. If you look up online, you will witness a massive number of websites of your niche. You need to make use of Search Engine Optimization to rank your site in top results. And:

  • It builds traffic as well as the trust for your website
  • It helps in building your reputation
  • Hire an efficient SEO company to work for you and face the challenges patiently and consistently

Influencer Marketing

It is a new trend and it is trending really fast. It is noted that 84 percent of the marketers launch a minimum of one campaign in influencer marketing every 12 months. They believe this strategy is very effective. For start-ups, it’s a really effective strategy. Also, it is fairly inexpensive as compared to other traditional marketing strategies. Here is why you should try it:

  • Modern customers are immune to traditional marketing strategies
  • Influencer marketing is fairly easy to implement
  • It builds trust for your brand
  • More authentic influencers mean more engagement

So, get yourself a Cox bundle and explore the possibilities of kick-starting a new marketing setup. Good luck!

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