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Today we all know our prime minister whose name is Narendra Modi or NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI. He was born on 17 September 1950 his father was DAMODARDAS MULCHAND MODI. When NARENDRA MODI reached the age of 6 years he used to help his father in his tea business at Vadnagar railways station, Gujarat. NARENDRA MODI was an ordinary boy the third of six children his mother was a housewife for her name was HEERA BAN MODI his family was having a poor condition. Due to him helped his father in selling tea to passengers. there was nothing remarkable about MODI childhood expect to join RSS which later on helped him to grow politically when he joined RSS his first work to distribute badges in its members or in public after that he used work with RSS’s evening drills. After the age of thirteen when he was in class xi at B.N. HIGH SCHOOL, he decided to contest for the past of class representative and he won. He used to wake up at 6 am and do one hour yoga and sleep only four hours and rest of the time he used to work with the party.

In 1975 INDRA GANGHI declared a state of emergency and at that time NARENDRA MODI had to go underground. The disguised himself and also sent some booklets against the central government. In 1985 NARENDRA MODI joined BJP (BHARTIYA JANTA party). When he joined BJP he participated actively in all activities from beginning due to this in 1986 NARENDRA MODI was appointed at the organizing secretary BJP Gujarat. Until in 1991 he arranged for KANYAKUMARI SRI NAGAR Ekta Yatra. BJP accepted that NARENDRA DAMODAR could make great strategies after the win in 1995 state elections. NARENDRA MODI was elected as the national secretary of BJP. T a is was time when he moved to New Delhi and started to handle the responsibilities of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Journey of NARENDRA MODI was not easy because he always was opposed by the top leaders. He worked very hard and provided himself that he is capable of leadership .

CM of Gujarat

In 2001 BJP was facing a serious crisis of a strong leader. They were accused of corruption and bad governance. It was this time when Narendra Modi was selected to be the CM of Gujarat. Narendra Modi made some remarkable changes in Gujarat. The strategies and economic policies made by him worked very well for Gujarat. Even the people of Gujarat slowly started to appreciate that Narendra Modi was a leader they could trust.

All was going well and Narendra Modi was slowly becoming a strong power in Gujarat as well as in the national politics. All this changed in 2002. The month was February and the day was 27th. A train carrying Hindu passengers was burnt and many died. Rumours spread that this was done by the Muslims. Soon riots broke out between the two communities. Narendra Modi called in the army. He also called for a curfew and shoot at sight orders were given. He tried all his means to bring the situation under control. However, he was accused of bad governance and also for encouraging violence that led to the death of many. The controversies only kept increasing. The Congress government knew that Narendra Modi was a person who could be a threat to them, as a result, they ensured that the controversies continue.

In 2002 Narendra Modi was asked to resign but the party did not accept his recognition. He won the subsequent election and was appointed as the CM of Gujarat again. Between 2002 and 2007 Narendra Modi in spite of all the criticism that was hurled against him ensured that Gujarat has a tremendous economic growth. He ensured that more and more investment happens there and the state progresses on the way to success

In 2009 a special investigation team was given the duty to probe into what happened in Gujarat. After a deep investigation, the team in 2010 finally submitted a report that Narendra Modi could not be blamed for the violence in Godhra. He did whatever was possible to bring the situation under control. This verdict initially did attract a lot of criticism. After a lot of debate and analysis, it was finally decided that Narendra Modi should be given a clean chit in this matter.

In 2004 when BJP lost the Lok Sabha elections then prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said that it was a mistake that they did not remove Narendra Modi soon after the Godhra incident, as a result, they lost the elections. our prime minister faced huge opposition from the party as well as from the media. He had a huge challenge in front of him. Anybody else would have given up but Narendra Modi fought and he fought bravely against all odds. The USA refused to give Narendra Modi a visa considering the violence in Gujarat.

In 2007 there was a real estate investment in Gujarat of about 6.6 trillion INR. The success story of Gujarat was unparallel compared to any other state. However, the Muslims started to withdraw from BJP as the stories of Gujarat riots spread.

Starting working for prime minister Post

In 2016 on 29 June government approved recommendations of 7th pay commission. due to this a rise in income came from government employees.

The people of India wanted a change; they had started to lose faith in the dynasty politics of Congress. Our prime minister has tremendous leadership qualities and a strong personality that has always been in his favor. Our Prime minister is a great speaker and can communicate well with the masses.

Young India and a lot of first-time voters turned around to vote for Narendra Modi as they wanted to see him as the prime minister of India. Today is the date when Narendra Modi led the BJP to a phenomenal victory over congress. They have got a majority of the seats and are all set to form the new government. They have created history.

In 2014 he became 14 prime ministers of India. And also created history for the first time BJP won the highest seat in Lok Sabha elections. our prime minister recently implemented GST on 1 July 2017.

Policies launch by Prime Minister

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

Education of a girl child can change the whole society for good. Sukanya Samridhi Yojana is part of this scheme that takes care of girl’s education as well as her marriage

This program was launched in January 2015. The main focus of this program was to educate girl child.

  • Digital Dhan Vyapar Yojana

The central government launched this scheme at the end of Christmas i.e., 25 December. This scheme is launched for encouraging the small merchants and businessman to do digital payment.

  • Lucky Grahak Yojana

Lucky draw Yojana is a new scheme announced by think-tank NITI AAYOG to promote digital payment methods among the consumers. The government announced daily, weekly, and mega awards for consumers.

  • Swacch Bharat Yojana

Swacch Bharat Yojana has launched 5 November 2015 its mission is to reduce gold imports by utilizing domestic researches it has three gold scheme gold monetization and gold bond schemes and Indian gold coins.

  • Atal Pension Yojana

Atal pension Yojana was launched a may 2015. Its aim was to enhance old age income security of the working poor. This linked to national pension systems and administrated by PFRDA.

Namami Ganga Yojana

  • Nanami Ganga yojana was launched in 14 may 2015, it’s aims to focus on pollution abatement and socioeconomic development implemented. Under national Ganga Yojana river basin authority.
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    Hey nice informative article good information

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    nice post dear MODI is the one men of the army to tag tiger……….

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    The more Modi listens to the mentioned, the less likely he will win in 2019. So Modi Ji ignore and continue what you are doing

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    Modi is totally lacking the dignity of PM post in his speak and attitude!!!

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    Foreign Policy Put on Fast-track Mode Modi’s foreign policy is currently focussed on improving relations with neighboring countries and getting the world to invest in India.


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